Happy Week 2!!! I hope everyone is doing well and settling into the semester nicely. I wanted to share what I did for the daily creates this week!

My first daily create was on 1/30, and it was a collaborative poem!

A bunch of folks added lines of poetry to a Google Doc! My lines were;

14 Higher and higher until you fear Icarus’ fate.

15 Looking down, you notice gratitude growing within you,

16 warming your bones just like the Sun’s rays.

I added my lines pretty early on in the process, but now there are so many more! I thought this was such a fun idea, and it felt comfortable and fun as an English major.

My next daily create was on 1/31, when we were tasked to make a party flier! My brain was heavily associating the word “party” with Bill and Ted so I made them the center of my flier! I thought it was a most bodacious idea.

Next up, we have the daily create from 2/1, creating an affirmation post! I took this assignment as an excuse to stare at all of the sunset pictures in my camera roll (there are a lot) and write a message to myself. I came up with this!

“Take some time to enjoy the light”

I think we could all use the reminder that we are worthy of taking time for ourselves and that there is light in our lives!

My final daily create for this week was on 2/2. Cat poetry! This was such a cute idea, oh my gosh. I love cats, but I was pretty stumped about what to write. I ended up picking the Shel Silverstein “Reflection” poem that’s been living in my head since fourth grade. I also decided to add a recreation of the little sketch from his book to match my cat theme.

There ya have it folks! I thoroughly enjoyed my first rodeo with the daily creates and I’m excited to see what comes next! Hope you all have an absolutely wonderful start to your February.


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