Happy Friday folks! This week has been crazy busy and a little difficult to manage, but I actually really enjoyed the assignments I worked on! I don’t know a lot about photography, so it was interesting to read about it and explore my skillset this week. I talked about my previous photography experience in my photo reflection post. You guys can also see some of my previously taken photos in my photography points post where I analyze my own old photographs. I tried to find examples from my camera roll that showed off some of the good characteristics from our photography reading this week. Also, check out the photos in my Photoblitz post!! I happened to be at my grandma’s house when I did the photoblitz activity and ended up with some interesting photos. These posts/activities really laid the groundwork for my assignments this week and got the creative juices flowing.

Here are the daily creates I made this week!

My power was out for over 24 hours, it was tragic
I can never resist a good opportunity for a Twilight reference!!! I tried to match my monochrome to the blue filter in the first movie… oh and maybe I added Edward too idk, he’s not human so I’m counting him as an animal 😉
I actually really really like the second one I did, it has good energy

After I did my posts from above^^ I looked through the assignment bank and decided on what projects I wanted to work on this week. I started with an assignment having to do with secret agents and spies… you can check out that first assignment here. I made the image using Snapchat for the text!

agent p + get smart + bond?

Next, I enlisted my brother, Charles, to model for a Civil War photo. This assignment was actually way more time consuming that I thought it would be because it took me a long time to edit the photo until I got close to the vision in my head. On the bright side, after editing for so long, I think I have a better understanding of what each editing component means and how lighting can affect those components when you try to edit a photo. A good learning experience! Here’s the photo of Charles and you can read the whole post about the assignment here.

Charles, 1864

I also tackled an assignment that involved making a collage of your pet. Well, I have three cats whom I adore, so I just made one for each of them! I downloaded an app called Collageable to make these and just added my photos in. Aren’t they cute? Y’all can see the whole post about them here.

My final assignment asked me to colorize an image by enhancing or changing two of the colors in a photo I had already taken. Inspired by The Sound of Music, I manipulated the blues and greens in this picture I took of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I used the editing feature in my Photos app to manipulate the saturation and blue/green tints in the image. I think it’s really pretty actually! If you want to see the before image and my narration of that assignment, you can find the post here.

the hills are aliiiiiiiiiivvveeeeeee

I completed four assignments this week, each worth 3 stars to hit our 12 star mark! Everything went along pretty smoothly for me, except that I made a post early in the week and I couldn’t get the image to show up. I think my problem was that I didn’t wait for the image to fully upload into WordPress before publishing it. I went in and edited the post by deleting the image block and then adding it back in, making sure to wait until it was clearly uploaded in there. Now all is well!! Make sure you check to see if the image is done uploading, everybody!! Even though this week was stressful, I had a good time exploring photo editing and looking through my old photos to find my strengths and weaknesses.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend <3

— RM

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