The last assignment I chose for this week was “Letter From Out of the Blue.” This assignment asked us to write and send a handwritten letter to someone who would appreciate it. It’s worth 4 stars and I’ll link the original post here. Well, I’ve been writing letters to friends near and far since the pandemic sent us home from school last year. It’s helped me keep in contact with some people in a more intimate way. I love letters because it feels so personal to hold someone’s handwriting. We do so many things digitally now that it’s nice to have physical pieces of our friendships!

Anyways, I’ve been writing letters for about a year, but I got a new pen pal in December when the Instagram account @umwmissedconnections offered to match everyone up with random pen pals! This sounded like such a good idea, so of course, I signed up and got to writing! I’ve been writing back and forth with someone I’ve never met. Her name is Alex and she’s a student at UMW, but we’ve never seen each other before! Isn’t that crazy? Here are some pictures of the letter she sent me and the letter I just sent back to her. I made them blurry for the sake of addresses and personal information, but you can still tell how cute the envelopes she makes are!

here is the letter I got from her last week
here is the letter I was writing back to her for this week, as well as the envelopes she has decorated for me!!

I do not share her capacity for artistic talent, but I greatly appreciate it! This assignment was actually really beneficial for me because it allowed me to take some time to work on handwritten human connection. I think this is a valuable piece of my story in that I am a very strange person… because I crave human connection, but I also have a very hard time not self-isolating, especially when I’m home all day, away from everyone else I know. It felt really nice to just sit down and write to another person, knowing that they value letters the same way I do. I’m a very sentimental person, so I keep all the letters and cards I receive in a box on my desk. I’m excited to keep writing and connecting with other people even if it’s hard to find the time with all my schoolwork.

Write a letter, a card, a note to someone you love. I promise it’ll make you (and them) happy.

— RM

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  1. Loved reading this! Handwritten letters mean so much more than digital letters! I loved the art designs too! It makes it even more special because you know how much effort was put into it.

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