Hey, everybody!! We have survived Week 2! This week marked the beginning of my experimentation with the daily creates. I actually enjoyed looking at the daily creates and thinking about what I might do. It was also fun to look through Twitter and see what all of these random strangers thought of when they looked at the challenge for the day. Here are my daily creates from this week! You can also find my first daily create in this doc, and a whole blog post about all of them here.

The first assignment I attempted this week was “Draw a Musical Puppet.” My post about that can be found here, and my lovely sketches that resulted from that assignment are below.

very beautiful artwork, I know

This assignment was very simple and didn’t give me any trouble, aside from not being able to draw. But other than that, all I needed to do was simply upload a photo of my sketches! Easy enough!

My next assignment was a video assignment called “A Day in the Life…” and here is the link to the original assignment. But tadaaaa, here’s my video I made!!! You can find my whole post about the process here.

I recorded a few seconds of each hour on my phone throughout the day and then put them in iMovie to make the video that I uploaded to YouTube! I had never used iMovie before this class so clearly I have a lot more to learn about it, like how to change the audio and how to film in the best way for the video to look right. Yeah, I didn’t think about how the orientation of my camera would affect the video so that was pretty frustrating when I sat down to edit but that’s okay! It’s a learning experience people!

My next assignment was called “Tell It / Tweet It” and it was a lot of fun! Here are the instructions from the OG assignment post, and here is my blog post I made. It’ll make more sense when you read my blog post… but here’s my tweet 🙂

This assignment was fun for me because I feel most comfortable in writing/English related assignments, and I got to use Twitter. We all know that Twitter is easy to navigate and posting in WordPress is pretty self-explanatory so I didn’t have any technical issues here!

You guys can also check out my second post about our theme here. I’ve really loved reading about everyone else’s stories and insights into our theme, so I took some time to reflect and respond to Megan’s post! It’s been interesting to look at all of the blogs and assignment choices because we’re all so different!

This week, I’ve really been enjoying using Twitter to post assignments for the daily create because it’s so easy and I can do it from my phone, but also because it’s SO FUN to see what everyone else is doing! I’ve been having a good time getting into the rhythm of checking Twitter, responding to folks, and liking tweets. I’ve also gotten a lot faster at embedding things into posts! Overall, it’s been a pretty solid week I’d say; no real issues to complain about here! I’m looking forward to see what next week brings.

OH JUST KIDDING I uhhhh didn’t realize my comments were turned off this whole time… oops. Maddie helped me look through all of WordPress to turn on the comment options so they should be working now. Thanks Maddie!!! That was my only technological problem; there are so many ways for comments to be turned off. Now we should rockin and rollin! Enjoy your weekend friends.

— RM

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