Hello! Happy Thursday! This week has been literally the worst for me, but thinking about my final project has been a bright spot. Let’s dive in to what’s going on.

I’m working with Maddy and Maddie on a final project. We decided that we wanted to create a song as our final project for ds106. We met on Zoom last week to kind of hammer out what exactly we wanted to create and how we wanted to accomplish it. The project basically turned into each of us creating our own design as publicity for the project, an actual cover of a song using beats, piano/ukulele, and singing, and a slideshow/video to act as a visual for the song/audio we produced. We figured that these ideas would incorporate audio, video, photography, and design surrounding one story, as well as writing when we write about each part.

In order to start all of this, we needed to choose a song to cover. I think we wanted something that we could tie into the experience and story of living through a year of COVID. As we were chatting and throwing out ideas, I remembered when all those celebrities sang Imagine by John Lennon and it was really cringy and weird. We were just kinda laughing about it at first, but then we thought that using that song might be a perfect way to help convey the story of a year in quarantine since it was such a memorable moment. Here’s the video of that if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

So we picked our song because of that goofiness, but we were going to make a more serious cover and try to have it actually sound good. Each of us is planning on recording a track for the song (I’ll be singing) and then we will layer them all together to produce the audio. Maddy noticed that Imagine is really similar to Yellow by Coldplay, so we thought it might make an interesting narrative to mash the two songs together too. After we finish the audio we want to play it over a video we’ll make together.

This week has been incredibly stressful so I was only able to finish my design this week and practice singing our song. I’ll include my design for our project here, which you can also check out in my Hey John Lennon design post.

That’s all I have for this week! We still have a lot to do but I think the work will be fun. I’m excited to finish up our project and see all of our ideas come together! Stay tuned for our creation coming next week.

Best of luck to everyone on their projects!

— RM

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