Hey, guys! Long time no see! Our group has just finished the audio element of our final project so I wanted to go ahead and share it. As I talked about last week, Maddie, Maddy, and I have been working on a project together that fuses design, audio, video, and photography centering around a year in a pandemic. We’re using Imagine by John Lennon and Yellow by Coldplay as a way to convey this narrative/story that we’ve all been experiencing.

After we chose the songs, we divided up the recording responsibilities. Maddie was in charge of the piano and ukulele because she is very talented and can play instruments. Maddy was in charge of beats because she had been playing around with them. Since I like to sing, I told the group that I could do vocal tracks for the song! In our group chat, Maddy made a rough mashup of the two songs so that we could all get a feel for what we needed to do. Maddie then recorded a piano part and a ukulele part and sent them for us to hear. Maddy used those recordings to come up with a cool beat and fill out the rest of Yellow. After We had the instrumental tracks done, I compiled them into Soundtrap and recorded some vocals for Imagine. I then spent some time editing all the tracks together as best I could and using some fading in and out to create the audio. We texted about how we wanted everything to sound in the end and I ended up also cutting some of Maddie’s audio and putting it at the end to give a nice wrap-up to our audio. You guys can check it out here:

So, as I said, I used Soundtrap to put all of our individual audios together. I’ll put in a picture of what the finished song looked like but I did a lot of cutting, fading, layering, and moving tracks around to get our audio! I also chose to use Soundtrap over Audacity because Soundtrap automatically puts reverb on recordings and I thought that would be nice and make it sound more musical.

I’m really excited that our audio is done!! Maddy and Maddie did a really great job mashing the two songs together and I had fun recording my vocals and editing it to be a song! I’m looking forward to seeing our finished project soon and finally having our vision completed.

I hope everyone’s projects are going well! Good luck!

— RM

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