On Monday night I decided to listen to the ds106 Radio broadcast and live tweet along with it! I had a lot of fun listening to the radio show and tweeting out my thoughts. I even got to hear my own radio bumper! Here are some highlights from the night!

I enjoyed reading everyone else’s thoughts on the broadcast, and I had a lot of fun laughing at people’s tweets. Our class is so funny!! I think my favorite part about the experience was seeing other people’s thoughts and reactions to the different ways sound was used throughout the program. I also really liked the sense of community that came with us all listening and tweeting at the same time. We got to interact with each other in real time as we heard the same sounds synchronously! Bet y’all weren’t expecting that feeling from an asynchronous computer science class, were ya? It was a really cool experience and it got me thinking about the way we each interpret sounds and how sounds can affect subject matter. Music can add different connotations to subject matter and enhance stories by making your heart race. Simple phrases can become chilling by repeating them over and over or adding effects to them. I’ll be really interested to see what kinds of radio shows our class comes up with in the next few weeks!!!

— RM

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