The first assignment I attempted to tackle was Draw a Musical Puppet! You can find the actual assignment here, but the gist of it is that you have to draw four different poses of a puppet from the Tame Impala ‘Cause I’m a Man music video. You’re only supposed to spend two minutes on each sketch, focusing on the vibes of the puppet rather than actual likeness. This sounded fun to me because I really have no artistic talent… so I thought this might be a chance to let loose and draw without pressure. That being said, my drawings are still comically bad. See for yourselves…

…yeah, kinda rough. But! With the exception of my third sketch, I think they all sort of have a vibe/energy about them that I actually do like. When I sat down to start drawing, I had never heard the song or seen the video before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I chose the puppet playing the keyboard as my subject, and as soon as I started to attempt my sketch, I immediately regretted my choice in assignments. My first drawing (top left with the 1) turned out somewhat decently though. I think he looks like he’s singing and vibing like the puppet in the video. But my second sketch (top right) really encapsulates my frustration I was feeling with the assignment. It barely looks like the puppet, and it doesn’t emote the same way that the other sketches do. At this point in the process, I was annoyed and probably grumbling about how dumb the assignment was, but I took a second to shake some of that ~charming~ negativity off and started the video over again to make my next sketches.

I set a two minute timer for each of my sketches, watching the music video twice, and just did my best to sketch during that short time. After my beautiful puppet drawings were complete, I just snapped a quick photo on my phone and uploaded them here! I also cropped the big photo so we could get a really good look at sketch #4 here.

self portrait??? LOL

I ended up really liking my sketch of the final puppet pose in the video. I feel like it kinda looks like me, and it feels much more relaxed than my other sketches. This exercise helped me notice how I do not like to be rushed and I do not like to put out content that is spur of the moment. I’ve said before that I try not to take life too seriously, but here is an example of how in my head I can get about very simple things! So maybe this is a moment where I learn more about myself and tell myself that we are going to work on being more carefree and spontaneous; maybe this is even a new step in my own story! (Never thought puppet sketches would be part of my personal growth but here we are.)

Anyways, check out the music video and draw a puppet or two if you have time! Maybe it can be part of your story too.

— RM

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