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Hey, friends! For my designblitz I just looked around my room and thought about the different aspects of design since I don’t leave my house and I don’t have anything really design oriented to find outside. I had a good time staring at the familiar objects in my room and figuring out what the purposes of the designs on the objects were.


This is a picture of the packaging that the nail polish company Holo Taco sends their polishes in. The whole company is centered around holographic products. They used the simplistic black and white packaging to really enhance the holographic colors of the actual nail polishes and their boxes. I think this is a really could design feature because it keeps in theme with their brand and it makes the holographic stuff so much more mesmerizing and cool because they pop against the black.


My friend brought me this soap from her trip to South Africa. I always liked it because the plants are so pretty and simplistic. The great thing about the design is that it has cute little plants, but they represent the environment that the soap was produced in. I remember my friend saying something about a biome and sustainability, but the gist is that the company is very eco-friendly and their products are made with the earth in mind. Putting the plant life they’re saving on their products is really smart and acts as a little reminder for the customer while also just being a pretty design that’s pleasing to the eye.


This is a post card my friend sent me one time! I chose it for typeface because the contrast between the font for the title and the font for the rest of the design is really interesting. The way they designed the font for the title makes it look like it’s flowing through the wind like actual sound. It’s also kind of fun and funky in it’s coloring and it looks bouncy and sunny. I think it tells you a lot about the movie and draws attention to itself without being loud.


This would’ve been a better picture if I hadn’t already eaten most of the m&ms, but I think this candy jar is a really interesting example of minimalism and use of space. The design is just a simple recreation of the actual product, an m&m. What makes it so cool is that they printed it on a clear surface and left part of the design blank. When you look through the negative space of the m, you can (in theory if I didn’t eat so much candy) see the rainbow of the product on the inside. I think it’s really cool that someone thought of this because it’s so simple but it has such an impactful effect.

Welp, that was my designblitz! I don’t think I had ever really taken the time to think about why designers create things the way they do, so this was a really interesting exercise for me, and it was even more eye opening because I got to dissect products that I’m already familiar with!

— RM

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