This assignment is called “Another Day” and it focuses on being more mindful and aware of our surroundings and nature during our everyday lives. The assignment is worth 4 stars and you can find the original instructions here. When I decided I wanted to do this assignment, I was really hoping that there would be a nice, pretty day for me to really drink in the sunshine and write about how beautiful it is. This week did not go according to plan, and instead, I ended up writing about a gloomy day. I decided to just kinda write out some poetry because that’s how my thoughts run.

Another Day

Another day at home,

Another day on Chiswell. 

Another day of squinting at my screen,

Another day of lower back pain.

Another day of headaches and confusion. 

Another day of gloomy clouds and dark bedrooms.

Another day of wet leaves and muddy paws.

Another day of gray, of bare branches and cold breezes. 

Another day in Winter,

Another day waiting for Spring. 

Another day of frustration and monotonous existence, 

And yet 

A new day of thinking, living, breathing.

A new day of waving trees,

A new day of whispering wind.

A new day of clouds that promise snow.

A new day of appreciating the Sun, even though she isn’t around.

A new day of listening to the silence in the woods. 

A new day of being thankful for the internet and flexible professors.

A new day of holding literature in my hands and smiling.

A new day of cats yawning and snoring,

A new day of stretching and finding comfort.

A new day of sitting in the warmth and observing the cold.

A day that is not just another day,

A day that is the mark of existing in gratitude. 

So there are my candid thoughts and feelings in some prose. I turned off my lights and stared out my window and just wrote. I enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a mental break to practice some gratitude during a time where I feel very overwhelmed. I tried to allow myself to feel my frustrations with the day I’m living, but then also recognizing the wonder of the day as well. I think this assignment is also very representative of me and my story too. I have been trying really hard to appreciate the life of Zoom University and the wonders of nature and the process of existing, and I’ve been using prose as a way to work through and document my mental occurrences for about a year now. Of course, all of that poetry is just for me, so it feels a little strange to be putting it out there on the web but that’s part of the fun! I highly recommend doing this process of sitting and writing your thoughts, any thoughts at all, and keeping the writings for you to reflect on later. It has really taught me a lot about the way my brain functions regarding gratitude and unhappiness, and it helps us gain some insight into how we are existing and ways to make our existence easier! Try it out some time!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my organic and candid poetry. Hopefully, it will help you consider the gratitude you can find each day.

— RM

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  1. Wow! The journey the poem took from just “another day” to “A new day” to “A day” is brilliantly creative. It was impactful, and perfectly time. I appreciated the time that you put into this as I really enjoyed reading your work.

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